Verde Noir is a web series about legal cannabis in Washington State.  Here at Sea Change we have been in the legal industry since 2013, and we have had a lot of fascinating experiences and encounters in that time.


We’re interested in sharing these stories and joining the conversation about what legal cannabis means, looks like, and should look like.  The stigma around cannabis is disappearing quickly, but too often we feel that portrayal of recreational users and patients, and growers lacks the deep and broad cultural shifts we are experiencing.  We hope to add a little nuance and a little laughter to the conversation.

bad cop

Here are (will be) the first five chapters of Verde Noir following two black market growers (our own John and Joe) as they navigate the pitfalls and perils of legal marijuana.

John and Chemdawg

We use documentary interviews, narrative improvisation and stop motion animation to attempt to tell this story in a fresh way.


The story of legal cannabis is still growing.  We want to work for a healthy, regulated and safe industry.