In the early hours of February 15 Sea Change Cannabis was the victim of robbery. Below you will find surveillance photos, a list of stolen items and Greg’s open letter addressed to the thieves and our customers.

Check out the photos and video of the thieves in action and see if you recognize them. Please call Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at (360) 385-3831 if you have any information.

Here’s a link to an easy to share Facebook album

Click here to view the list of stolen items as a live Google document that will be updated until completion.

And now an open letter from Greg:


To the thieves who broke into Sea Change Cannabis and our beloved customers,

We at Sea Change have strived, since we were the first pot shop in Jefferson County, to provide good customer service, product, and hospitality to our customers and patients, and to make the much maligned marijuana an engine for good.

We truly believe that this plant can make the world a better place and have worked toward that by donating to schools and non-profits, bankrolling the Discovery Bay Village Store, Disco Bay Detour, and HiYu Audio.  For years, Discovery Bay has been a place to drive by quickly, but we are working hard to change that.  We want to serve the local community by providing services that develop the community.   All powered by cannabis.

I’m not sure if you think this was a victimless crime, but our product, due to our small size is uninsurable.  The amount of money you can get for that product is pennies on the dollar, but for us, it pushes our 25 employees (across the four businesses) to the brink of losing our jobs

To our customers, thanks for sticking with us.  Don’t worry, there is plenty of cannabis left and our shelves are re-stocked.  But we’d love to see you, so stop by.  Your support will help us get through this.   We are posting everything that was stolen on our website,, including the bar code on each package.  If one of your more nefarious friends happens to have acquired a big duffel bag of similar contents, let the Jefferson County Sheriff know.  They can’t possibly consume this much marijuana.  

We hope that with your help, we can bring these thieves to justice and send the message that as a community, we are stronger than individual bullies and victimizers.

Greg Brotherton