It’s time for the weekly weed report!

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?  Well, let’s start with the bad news. Anna’s last day is Aug 29.  We will miss her talents and presence around the store so much.  The good news?  Anna is now a member of TEAM SUB X.  Yes, we will have another on the inside (Dan’s son works there, too!)

Come down to the Detour Friday night for a combination birthday party and send off event for Anna from 7-10pm.  She will be playing some music, local band Forest Creatures will play some tunes, we’re just going to enjoy our time together while we can!  All ages, bring the kids, bring some food to share, it’s the easiest hang on the peninsula.

Great news, everyone!  That is if you’ve missed Jack Herer as much as we have over the last six plus months…  Cedar Creek delivers this afternoon along with Chem Dawg, OG Kush and Bud Bombs!

More great news –  Lots of $25 eighths!  Primo Boss and North Coast Concentrates are killing it with some nice bud and an even nicer price.

Here’s what’s happening next door at the Disco Bay Detour! Open daily at 7am for COFFEE & NEWS.  Tonight it’s the return of the Badd Dog Blues Society from 5-8pm. Thursday is the weekly Acoustic Open Jam, bring your instruments and songs. Friday night 8/25 it’s the HAPPY BIRTHDAY & ADIOS, ANNA show with Forest Creatures.  Saturday 8/26 brings Mothers Fathers Sisters Brothers from Oakland, CA.  If Sunday morning walking bass line is more your thing check out Birch Pereira & the Gin Joints from 11am-2pm 8/27.  Check the Disco Bay Detour events on Facebook to stay up to date.

Now open!  Disco Bay Outdoor Exchange – Rental and secondhand outdoor equipment from kayaks and surfboards to bikes, backpacks, outdoor gear and apparel!  They’re located in the end of the main building, between Sea Change and the Discovery Bay Village Store.


Received since the last episode:

Evergreen Herbal (8/17) Ruby Gem edibles, Ruby Sugar

SPOT (8/17) Moxey CBD Ginger mints, Journeyman cookie packs, new joints!

Primo Boss (8/18) 25 popcorn 3.5s, their popcorn is truly better looking than some of the grams other companies pack, some $18/gs of Secret D concentrate

North Coast Concentrates (8/17) Lemon Diesel and Night Train bud

Liberty Reach (8/22) RSO 2 GO vape carts, half grams for $25 in Betty Page, Liberty OG and Presidential OG, full grams for $45 in Blue Dream, Presidential OG, Tangerine Power and Time Wreck

Green Acres (8/22) Super purple/black sweet Cherry Pie and Chemdawg Sour in bud, 1g single joints and 2 x 1g joints in Chemdawg Sour, Dr. Who, Dutch Treat and Granddaddy Purple


Due soon (delivery days/times subject to change):

Cedar Creek Cannabis (8/23) Huge news, JACK IS BACK after many months of bringing the strain back from almost losing it. Awaiting arrival next week of Jack Herer, Chem Dawg and OG Kush, bud bombs

Sub X is set to bring 7 strains on 8/30, Orange Poison, Orange Cookies, Chem Cookies, Sunset Sherbet, White Urkel, Hawaiian Dutch…. and Sherbbles!!!!!  All available in 1g and 3.5g.  Also getting some $30/g concentrates in OG Wreck wax, Blue Dream wax, Orange Cookies sugar wax sauce, Orange Poison sugar wax sauce and Swirl Cookie wax

Canna Organix returns after 8/28 with bud in Bruce Banner, Gelato and Gorilla Glue #4


That’s all for this week, come see us soon!  -Molly at Sea Change