It’s time for the weekly weed report!  Great news about a couple old favorites below…

Hooray we made it through the 4th of July, hopefully you have the same number of fingers you had on the 3rd.  And now, if local lore is to be believed, summer begins in earnest.  You can count on the log cabin to be your cool oasis on the hottest of days (ductless AC/heater is a dream).

In neighborhood news…  COFFEE & NEWS happening daily at the Disco Bay Detour from 7am to noon.  You can also get a beer, if that floats your boat.

Live music this weekend at the Detour, starting Thursday with the weekly Acoustic Open Jam.  Friday night 7/7 it’s Ivy & Joel Ricci (Lucky Brown) with Nate Lumbard, the Port Angeles couple and Portland friend like to play folk, country, soul, rock and jazz on many instruments. Saturday 7/8 brings 2 musicians: Faith Eliott and Anna Arvan.  Eliott is a Scottish alt-folk singer touring the US this summer, and Arvan is of course a budtender at Sea Change who fills her off time with mini-tours and shows along the Salish Sea as time allows. Sunday 7/9 it’s time for another Coffee Concert – this time it’s Wired Jazz with Brian Douglas from 10 to 1pm.  In the evening expect an incredible show from St. Cinder, currently doing shows with previous DBD guests the DiTrani Brothers.

COMING SOON to the empty space between Sea Change and the Discovery Bay Village Store: Disco Bay Outdoor Exchange – Rental and secondhand outdoor equipment from kayaks and surfboards to bikes, backpacks, outdoor gear and apparel!


Received since the last episode:

Outback Bud Company (6/28) with bud in Blue Dream, Bubba Kush, Lavender and Orange Kush, 7g baking trim, 5g popcorn bud

SPOT (6/29) 100mg Journeyman Cookie packs and Couch Potatoes (chocolate with potato chips inside YUM), Moxey mints, Indica and Sativa Fruit Chews

Evergreen Herbal (6/29) 420 Minis and Ruby Sugar in THC and new CBD variety

Fairwinds (6/29) Citrus CBD 10:1 tincture, Natural flavor THC tinctures, Deep Sleep

Verdelux (6/30) practically all of the items we carry including new CBD Illuminations lozenges, each with 10mg CBD and less than 1mg THC

Forte (7/1) great full gram joints are back in Sugar Black Rose, Kronic, Forte Frost, Pineapple Express, Rude Boi, Washington Apple, NY Purple Diesel, Ace of Spades, Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookie, Orange Valley OG and Green Dream

Noble Farms arrived Monday (7/3)!  We have not had them in the store for a very long time and they are back with everyone’s favorite BLUEBERRY, a little Acapulco Gold, Cherry Pie, Candy Kush, 4 packs of half gram joints in Acapulco Gold and Blueberry


Due soon (delivery days/times subject to change):

Cleo Cannabis Lemdawg and Stardawg were such a hit we’re getting more in today. The amazing Middlefork is delayed until next week, but we will be trying out the following strains in the meantime: Pineapple Express, Tangie, Banana Peel and Poochie Love!

Evergreen Herbal (7/6) 420 Minis in Dark Chocolate plain and CBD

Cedar Creek (7/7) Chem Dawg, OG Kush, Bud Bombs and oil syringes of Chem and OG

Green Acres (this week) Blackberry Kush, Grand Daddy Purple, Pine Queen Dream and some very high testing Dirty Girl

Ocean Grown (7/10) high terpene vape carts in Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookie, Jack Herer, Super Lemon Haze, Strawberry Cough and Tangie

Artizen (next week) is one we haven’t seen in ages, receiving Allen Wrench, Dutchberry and Grape Ape, prerolls

Canna Organix (next week) Gelato, still have Gorilla Glue and Sherbet in stock


That’s all for this week, come see us soon!  -Molly at Sea Change