It’s time for the weekly weed report!

So much great stuff in the store right now, check it out below.

ATTN: Port Townsend customers: Highway 20 will be closed for a week straight starting June 19 to repair an old culvert near Anderson Lake Road.  The alternate routes are shown as Highway 19 to 104 but the locals can find other ways, I’m sure.  For more info check out the Washington Department of Transportation’s website.

Time for shameless self promotion: Today’s 6/14 the final day of voting for The Peninsula Daily News annual Best of the Peninsula contest and we would love it if you chose Sea Change as your favorite cannabis store.  While you are in there support your other favorite local businesses!  You can find the Discovery Bay Village Store listed under Shopping/Grocery and the Disco Bay Detour is under Recreation/Place To Hear Live Music.

In neighborhood news…  live music this weekend, starting Thursday with the weekly Acoustic Open Jam.  Friday night 6/16 it’s Bellingham trio The Living Arrows bringing their rebel spirit pop.  Saturday 6/17 shows the diversity in local music at the Detour…  in the morning it’s time to bring the kids because The Harmonica Pocket is throwing a Bubbles & BBQ Sing-a-Ling!  Youngsters are captivated by the interactive musical performance for an hour, stick around for BYOBBQ potluck and giant bubbles on the patio.  That evening catch 2 local groups: Golden Ours (Kia Cavallaro) and Bogey Moonboots (Usana and Samanthe Chonko).  Sundayevening Fellow Pynins will wrap up the weekend.  Keep an eye on Facebook about the espresso coming soon… almost ready!


Received since the last episode:

SPOT 6/8 All Moxey flavors, indica brownies and 100mg Journeyman Cookie packs

Primo Boss 6/9 popcorn party – regular 7g Flubber, Gorilla Glue, Plushberry, special deal on 14g Ewok, 2 x half gram joint packs and some of their brand new concentrates

Ocean Grown 6/9 Everyone sure liked their cartridges so we got more! Their “Native” line is just the strain flavor: Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Jack Herer, Lemon Haze.  Their “Inspired” line has extra plant terpenes added for an enhanced flavor: Grape Ape, Strawberry Cough, Bubba Gum, and Tangie

Canna Organix 6/9 Sherbet along with joints in surprising strains: Albert Walker, Animal Cookies, Bruce Banner, Gorilla Glue, Sherbet

Sticky Budz 6/12 eighths of Cher Willie, Skunk 47 and Snoop’s Dream which by now have jar aged about 70 days! Oh, that first whiff after you open it…  Also 2xhalf gram joint packs in the same strains.  Do not miss their amazing honeycomb concentrates…  grams of Afgoo, Amnesia Lemon, Cher Willie, Dr Who, Green Crack, Snoop’s Dream and an exceptional Lavender Kush for when you need to treat yourself

Cedar Creek Cannabis yesterday brought us the Chem Dawg, OG Kush and Santa Cruz Blue Dream, all coming in +26% and looking fabulous.  FYI Jack Herer won’t be available again for maybe another couple months.


Due soon (delivery days/times subject to change):

Clandestine Gardens sometime today (6/14) brings that super clear RSO in Hindu and 9lb Strawberry, BHO in Green Crack, Silver Surfer, Snowdizzle and Velvet Candy, prerolls in Blue Dream, Dutch Treat, Gorilla Glue, Hindu Kush and Pineapple Express, and bud in DJ Short’s Blueberry, Locktite and Huckleberry Kush

Sub X is already on the books for 6/21 with Orange Poison, Chem Cookies and White Urkle bud, wax in Chem Cookies, Orange Poison and limited edition Cherry Blossom and Mango Glue.  Also a very limited amount of Sunset Sherbet 3.5s and only *four* 3.5s of their super rare Sherbbles that will probably require a cage match for ownership

Pearl Extracts is a new vendor for us.  They produce fine oils in Seattle and we are hoping to get an array of their cartridges next week


That’s all for this week, come see us soon!  -Molly at Sea Change