It’s time for the weed report!

It is the shortest day of the year, which means it’s the longest night.  Hang in there, y’all!

Free Xmas trees are hanging out by the grocery store for anyone to take home!

Pro-tip for fun gift ideas: Discovery Bay Village Store has a bunch of excellent socks, there’s a pair for everyone!  They also have our Sea Change t-shirts, if you want to send your loved ones in regressive states a t-shirt from a legal cannabis store.

This week at the Disco Bay Detour:

Open daily at 7am for COFFEE & NEWS

Thursdays are the Acoustic Open Mic Jam, bring your songs and instruments from 5-8pm

Friday 12/22 Happy hula Days with Harmonica Pocket – sweet time with the little kiddos right before Christmas – 2 shows 4:30 and 6:30pm, $5/person and $15/family

Friday 12/22 THAG Jazz with Trevor Hanson on guitar and Anthony Geiger on sax playing holiday tunes from 8-10pm

Saturday 12/23 Make Your Own Music Video from 6-10pm!  Make a reservation, $25 reserves a half hour spot to record 15 minutes of song, edit the multi-track audio, color correct the video, sync the sound and export a blue-ray of your three songs. Only a few spots open!

New Year’s Eve celebrations for kids at noon and for families from 6-9pm.

Received since the last episode:

Sub X (12/18) – Orange Poison, White Urkle, sugar wax in Sherbbles and Sunset Sherbet, Orange Poison terp sugar and live resin, Chem Cookies terp sauce

Green Acres Pharms (12/20) – Granddaddy Purple and Qwerkle bud, Pink Lemonade infused joints, 25% terp Banana Kush live resin

Due soon (delivery days/times subject to change):

Cedar Creek (12/21) – Chem Dawg, Jack Herer, OG Kush, infused joints and regular joints

SPOT (12/21) – Fruit Chews, CBD Peppermint Moxeys, Journeyman peanut butter cookies and joints

Primo Boss (12/22) – Popcorn in Cinex, Gorilla Glue, Secret Recipe, Tangelo, joints

Ocean Grown Extracts (within the week) – vapor cartridges, new $30 flavored 2:1 CBD carts

Liberty Reach (within the week) – $25 half gram vapor cartridges in Presidential OG Kush, Velvet Pie, Green Crack, Bettie Page, Strawberry Mango Sherbet and Blue Dream

That’s all for this week, come see us soon! -Molly at Sea Change

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