It’s time for the weed report!

For all of the Sub X fans out there waiting for a sign – usually they deliver Wednesdays, I had assumed it would be here the 13th.  There’s a new delivery plan starting now and we expect to receive our next order December 18th.  The delay is a bummer but the new delivery plan means we may be able to time our orders better in the future so let’s stay positive.

Free Xmas trees are hanging out by the grocery store for anyone to take home!

Pro-tip for fun gift ideas: Discovery Bay Village Store has a bunch of excellent socks, there’s a pair for everyone!  They also have our Sea Change t-shirts, if you want to send your loved ones in regressive states a t-shirt from a legal cannabis store.

This week at the Disco Bay Detour:

Open daily at 7am for COFFEE & NEWS

Thursdays are the Acoustic Open Mic Jam, bring your songs and instruments from 5-8pm

Friday 12/15 43-2 Retro from 7-10pm

Saturday 12/16 Jake Reichner from 7-10pm

Tuesday 12/19 Local Oysters: Learn to Shuck!  Learn more about the fascinating lives of beloved PNW oysters! Shellfish Biologist Ralph Riccio will explain how the Jamestown S’Klallam tribe has adapted to the changing waters, farming oysters in Sequim Bay and general discussion of natural history, ecology and culinary significance of these pearls of the peninsula! The presentation will be followed by an informative tasting, Ralph will explain how to savor the piquant flavors of the oyster.  $5 for the class/tasting, drink specials

Friday 12/22 Happy hula Days with Harmonica Pocket – sweet time with the little kiddos right before Christmas – 2 shows 4:30 and 6:30pm, $5/person and $15/family

Received since the last episode:

Primo Boss (12/8) – Popcorn in Gorilla Glue, Lodi Dodi Alien Rift, Secret Recipe, Tangelo, concentrates in Cookie Wreck, Secret Glue, Blue Dream, X-Wing, baking trim

Verdelux (12/8) – replenishing the usual goodies, new sampler pack of their 6 chocolates

Honu (12/8) – Dark chocolate peppermints, CBD dark chocolates, $20 budget concentrates: Sour Haze, Purple Elephant, Blue Dream sugar wax, Firehouse crumble, Dutch PHO sugar and pull and snap Strawberry 360 and high CBD Nordle

Canna Organix (12/12) Gorilla Glue and Gelato bud, Gelato joints

Due soon (delivery days/times subject to change):

Sub X (12/18) – Finally a confirmed delivery date.  Orange Poison, White Urkle, sugar wax in Sherbbles and Sunset Sherbet, Orange Poison terp sugar and live resin, Chem Cookies terp sauce

That’s all for this week, come see us soon! -Molly at Sea Change